Cash on Delivery

Only In Belgrade 

What is Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Cash on Delivery can be also called Cash Payment Delivery, which means customers will make the payment in cash when they get the order delivered to them rather than online payment in advance.

How to order Cash on Delivery?

1.Fill out the following Cash on Delivery Order form. Please make sure the information you submitted is authentic, accurate & correct

2.Our Customer Service Team will contact YOU by phone to confirm all the information you submitted and the products you ordered

3.Your order is delivered to you and you make the payment in Cash (Please Notice your shipping fee will usually be 200 RSD, and you will enjoy FREE delivery service if your order exceeds 3,000 RSD per time)

If you don't receive your order within 3 business days, or if you meet any problem in the process of delivery, please contact our Customer Service Team