1.Who is QuitePeach.com?

QuitePeach.com is an online platform for Women's Panty & Underwear based in Belgrade Serbia, with affiliated partners in Finland and France, and with factories in Asia and South America. As both a retailer and a wholesale distributor, QuitePeach.com aims to offer women in Europe and around the world quality Panty & Underwear at affordable prices.

As the emerging online shopping mall for Women's Panty & Underwear in Southeast Europe, We are proud to offer a very competitive & affordable price for Quality Panty & Underwear in the whole Europe and the world

2.Besides PayPal Payment, Is it Safe to Use Credit & Debit Cards on Your Website?

Yes, 100% Safe & Secure

Although most of our customers from Finland, France, Germany, U.K and U.S choose to pay by PayPal, many of our clients in Serbia and Southeast Europe prefer to pay by Credit & Debit Cards

We are a legally-registered entity in the city of Belgrade RS, and the whole online transaction process are technically supported, verified, secured and monitored by Banca Intesa Beograd, the largest operating bank in Republic of Serbia.

We don't store any credit & debit card information in our online platform, all your transactions are eventually conducted in Banca Intesa's system. You can believe that All transactions are Secure and Encrypted.


3.Why your store offers a Much Lower Price than other European online stores for same-quality lingerie items?

We have our exclusive suppliers in Asia and South America, so we can get quality lingerie products directly from manufacturers at a very low price. Also, we embrace only a small margin for every item sold. 

We aim to do business in a long-term way by increasing market share and winning more loyal clients

4.People outside Serbia can buy from you?

Yes. We have many clients from other European countries like Finland, France, Germany & UK. Besides Europe, We still have clients from all over the world, especially from UAE, United States and Japan

We ensure fast & secure delivery of our products to countries & regions inside and outside Europe with carriers like Posta Serbia's International Parcel & EMS service, FedEx, and other French & British logistic companies. We offer FREE international delivery when your purchase exceeds 200 EUR one time

5.How to Purchase in Bulk from You?

For our regular clients, you just need to tell us you want to purchase in bulk from us, and then we will send you the Discount Code for your purchase

For our business clients, in order to get a better price, we recommend you to Join our Wholesale Program by filling out all the information in the Wholesale Application Form. Once your application has been approved, We will contact you ASAP for details concerning wholesale price, order placement & shipping/delivery issues


6.What is your Return & Refund Policy?

Any shipped items different from the product description or damaged during the shipping process can be returned immediately. If you receive faulty goods, you are sure to have the right to return these goods and to ask us to repair or replace them or get a refund.

Please check the details of our Return Policy


7.Do You Accept Cash Payment? What is Your Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Yes, You can pay in cash when you purchase from us. But Please NOTICE: Cash Payment is ONLY available in Belgrade.

Cash on Delivery can be also called Cash Payment Delivery, which means customers will make the payment in cash when they get the order delivered to them rather than online payment in advance.

To order Cash on Delivery, you need to:

1.Fill out our Cash on Delivery Order form. Please make sure the information you submitted is authentic, accurate & correct

2.Our Customer Service Team will contact YOU by phone to confirm all the information you submitted and the products you ordered

3.Your order is delivered to you and you make the payment in Cash (In Belgrade, the express delivery is 1-2 business days, and the delivery cost is 360 RSD, and you will enjoy FREE delivery service if your order exceeds 3,000 RSD per time)

For details, please check our Cash on Delivery page


8.How long it will take for your products to be delivered?

We collaborate with Posta Serbia, FedEx as well as Leading Logistic Companies to offer our customers Quality Express Delivery in Serbia, France, Germany, UK, U.S, UAE & Japan

In Belgrade, the express delivery is 1-2 business days, and the delivery cost is 360 RSD (started from September 01/2022). Also, our clients in Belgrade will enjoy FREE delivery service if their purchase exceeds 3,000 RSD per time

For Finland, France & Germany: The Delivery Time is around 7-9 business days
The Cost of Delivery is 7.95 EUR for 2 Pcs Delivery, 9.19 EUR for 4 Pcs Delivery and 10.23 EUR for 6 Pcs Delivery

For United Kingdom: The Delivery Time is around 7-9 business days, Delivery Cost: 7.00 GBP for 2 Pcs Delivery, 7.99 GBP for 4 Pcs Delivery and 8.91 GBP for 6 Pcs Delivery

For United States: The Delivery Time is around 9-10 business days, Delivery Cost: 8.85 USD for 2 Pcs Delivery, 9.79 USD for 4 Pcs Delivery and 10.45 USD for 6 Pcs Delivery

For UAE, The Delivery Time: around 7-9 business days, the Delivery Cost: 7.98 USD for 2 Pcs Delivery, 8.85 USD for 4 Pcs Delivery and 9.98 USD for 6 Pcs Delivery

For Japan, The Delivery Time: around 5-8 business days, the Delivery Cost: 8.85 USD for 2 Pcs Delivery, 9.95 USD for 4 Pcs Delivery and 10.95 USD for 6 Pcs Delivery

Delivery for Bulk Purchase: Any Purchase in Belgrade will enjoy FREE delivery service if their purchase exceeds 3,000 RSD per time while Any Purchase from other countries exceeds 200 EUR per time will enjoy the FREE International Express Delivery.   

For more details, please check our Delivery Information Page, or contact our Customer Service Team 

9.Do I need to pay taxes and custom duties for my order?


The Delivery/Shipping Cost is for Door-To-Door Delivery, which covers everything in the process of delivery, including Customs Clearance

For our clients for Bulk Purchase as a legal entity, please contact our Customer Service Team for accurate information

10.What makes Your Affiliate Program different?

QuitePeach.com is proud to offer one of the best-reward affiliate programs in Lingerie business in Europe. Join QuitePeach.com today and start profiting from our best selling Lingerie products. Our cutting-edge tracking technology and expert support will help to maximize YOUR Commissions.

As a leading online shopping mall for women's underwear in Southeast Europe, especially in Balkan area, We offer our affiliate members 30% Commission Rate, which means You will get 30% commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or use your coupon code. 
Our affiliate program is a very good opportunity for fashion entrepreneurs, influencers and fashion bloggers to start their own business with ZERO cost & initial investment. Check Our Affiliate Program
 Still have Questions? Please contact our customer service team